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graphic of blueprints floorplans

New Home Floor Plans

What floor plan is right for you?

We make the process of selecting the right floor plan for your new custom built home as easy as possible. Everyone has their own unique needs and preferences for how their new home should be designed.

How do you want the secondary bedrooms laid out in relation to the master bedroom? Do you want all the bedrooms to be on the same level? Or maybe you want the master bedroom on the main level and the other bedrooms upstairs? What about a formal dining room? And would you like a keeping room? Should the kitchen be open to the family room?

graphic of blueprints floorplans

Select one of our floor plans, or bring your own.

Old Avery Parc Floor Plans

Our builder, Riverstone Homes, has pre-selected a number of floor plans that can be used for your new home. You may have a house built just like the floor plans or you may modify the plans. We can discuss with you the various options of modifying our plans to give you an extra room or change the location of the rooms. For example, you can have a bathroom location changed or add an an additional bathroom or bedroom.

Our floor plans appeal to most people looking to build a new custom home in Canton, GA. But if you you don’t find what you are looking for in any or our new home floor plans, we have another option for you.

Bring Your Own Floor Plans

Do you seen a new home floor plan that we don’t have that you would like to have built in Old Avery Parc?

Riverstone Homes can construct your new custom built home using the floor plan you bring.

We would be happy to meet with you to review your floor plan and discuss the available building lots that would be best suited for your new home.

Signs at Entrance of Old Avery Parc

Old Avery Park is Old Avery Parc

They sound the same but they are spelled different.

Old Avery Park

When one hears “Old Avery Parc” it’s easy to assume that the name is “Old Avery Park”.

Old Avery Parc

The correct way to spell the name of this subdivision in Canton, GA is Old Avery Parc.

Parc With a “C”

The last word in “Old Avery Parc” is “Parc” with a “C”.